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Annie Lee Carroll is a Taiwanese-American designer and producer. Raised in both Chicago and Taiwan, she brings a unique blend of Eastern and Western design aspects to her work. The fundamental grid systems of European/Western design intertwine with the vibrant colors and maximalism of Eastern Asian art, resulting in bold graphics with strong design foundations.

Annie is currently freelancing at Ten35 as a designer, collaborating with notable clients like the City of Chicago, White Claw, Starry, and Polaris. Since 2021, she has also been a freelancer at Published Studios under the mentorship of Demir Mujagic, contributing to projects for acclaimed clients such as G Herbo, Chance the Rapper, Lyrical Lemonade, and more.

Annie's multifaceted talents extend beyond design into production. Her hands-on experience includes working on projects for major clients and events, including NASCAR, HBO Max, WNDR Museum, Suenos Music Festival, and New Balance. Notably, Annie's design portfolio is also the home of Lee Collective, where her collaboration with Christel Thompson comes to life in crafting unforgettable experiences to celebrate their AAPI heritage. Lee Collective not only celebrates; it cultivates, creating opportunities for hiring Asian creatives and fostering a diverse, talented community.